Grant Shaw Edmonton Eskimos-East Final-20nov2016. Photo Scott Grant

Tell us how you really feel, eh?

Grant Shaw took to twitter following Saturday’s game between the B.C. Lions and Toronto Argonauts to take a shot at the Argos special teams coaching staff.

The 34-year-old played in the CFL for seven seasons as a member of the Argonauts (2010-2011) and Eskimos (2012-2016). His final season in Edmonton was his first under Cory McDiarmid and Dave Jackson, both of whom are now in Toronto.

It’s clear that Grant didn’t think highly of their coaching abilities.

McDiarmid has been coaching in the CFL for 16 years, predominantly in a special teams role. He was fired late last season by the Eskimos while the team still had a shot at the playoffs.

Jackson has five years of CFL coaching experience, four of which have come directly under McDiarmid.

The Argonauts kicked off out of bounds with 40 seconds remaining against B.C. in a 17-17 tie. The play resulted in a penalty, which set-up the Lions at their own 45-yard line. Mike Reilly needed only two plays to put his team in field goal range.

Toronto didn’t have a returner in the end zone on B.C.’s first attempt at the game-winning field goal. Had Sergio Castillo missed the kick — which he did on his second attempt — the Argos wouldn’t have had the opportunity to run the ball out of the end zone, preventing a game-winning rouge.

Curious indeed.