Bo Levi Mitchell using same doctor as Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant for final decision on injured pec

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Bo Levi Mitchell is going back to a doctor he trusts implicitly.

The Stampeders franchise quarterback had an MRI in Calgary Tuesday on his injured pectoral muscle and upon hearing their opinion he elected to seek a second assessment from Neal ElAttrache who works primarily out of Los Angeles. ElAttrache performed Tom Brady’s ACL surgery in 2008 and multiple operations on five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant.

“I’m going to who I believe to be the best in the world. Just because he deals with the No. 1 pick in the MLB draft every year, he deals with all these pitchers, throwers, he dealt with Brady, he dealt with Kobe,” Mitchell said.

“Same guy I went to with my shoulder two years ago. So I’m just getting a second opinion, not necessarily thinking they’re wrong, I just want a little more backup on what they’re saying to hear the same thing from ElAttrache.”

Mitchell played the majority of the 2017 season with tears in his throwing shoulder and elbow issues. That year he managed to throw for 4,700 yards, 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions while leading Calgary to the best record in the CFL at 13-4-1 despite the ailments.

“When I tore my shoulder two years ago, I think three or four games, I didn’t practice one time the entire week. I walked out in the pre-game, felt good, played and we beat Hamilton 60-1. I’d love to practice and make sure things feel good, but don’t necessarily need it,” Mitchell said.

“It was more just timeline of what they think, I think I’m a little bit tougher than I guess most would probably say and they see one small thing and it’s me so they want to be cautious and I’d rather aggressive and get back on the field.”

The two-time Grey Cup champion and reigning CFL Most Outstanding Player admitted he does feel discomfort, but that won’t hinder him from playing if it won’t make the injury worse.

“You do what’s best for the athlete. Bo has a relationship there. It’s always best to have a couple opinions. I need that second opinion before I can do anything else,” Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson said.

The MRI results have been sent to Los Angeles and the Stamps want a report back before the end of the week in order to determine whether Mitchell could start on Saturday against Saskatchewan.

“Ultimately make the decision later in the week. It’s gotta happen fast, we gotta make a decision,” Dickenson said.

“Bo could play easily without practising.”