Mike Edem lowered the boom on the CFL.

That came after seeing teammate Zach Collaros take yet another hit to the head.

“He was sliding and [Simoni Lawrence] still went ahead and head-hunted him. That’s on the commissioner and I put that on Randy Ambrosie,” Edem told Regina Leader-Post beat reporter Murray McCormick.

“[Lawrence] should have been ejected. Period. [Collaros] had started sliding and he gave himself up.”

On the third play of Saskatchewan’s season-opening loss to Hamilton, Collaros took a shoulder to the head from Lawrence. The 30-year-old was down on the field for a couple minutes and walked off under his own power. As he went to the sidelines, Collaros was visibly upset about the hit.

“(Collaros) is the same guy who keeps getting targeted by players and the league isn’t doing anything about it. It’s about time the league stepped in and did something about it. It’s bulls–t,” Edem said.

Collaros went through concussion protocol and didn’t pass which was why the Riders pivot remained on the sideline with shoulder pads off and jacket on for the remainder of the game. He missed four games last season due to concussions.

“We’re looking at our season without our starting quarterback hurt and no one is doing anything about it,” Edem said.

“[Collaros] gave himself up and he still took a head shot. It was blatant and he should have been out of the game.”