Eric Lapointe’s group out of the running to own the Alouettes: report

Canadian football Hall of Fame running back Eric Lapointe and his group are out of the running to own the Montreal Alouettes.

Lapointe played the last six seasons of his CFL career for the Alouettes and believes the franchise can thrive in La Belle Province.

“It’s a smaller business obviously than the Montreal Canadiens, it’s even a smaller business than what we have right now for most of the people that are in the group. Yes, there’s different aspects to it. There’s obviously football ops, there’s administration and then the coaching and the actual game, which is three different things,” Lapointe said on TSN radio in Montreal in March.

“I know exactly where to start. It’s an interesting business, but don’t get me wrong it’s not a passion investment for me: I believe there’s potential. I’ve seen numbers in the past and I’ve talked to many teams in the league also. It’s probably not a team that you could make 10 millions of profit every year… but as a group if we bring different type of people, different type of expertise, we can do great things for a small organization.”

But the passionate Montreal native won’t get the opportunity to own the Alouettes this time around.

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