Strike averted: a crazy evening ends with labour peace

After a crazy evening in which a strike by CFL players seemed imminent, the original deal between the CFL and its players is back in place.

The following was sent out to CFL players late Saturday night after another round of bargaining between the league and the players.

The agreement would appear to end an eventful day that included the re-opening of talks between the CFL and the CFLPA and what appeared to be imminent strike action by the players.

Multiple sources confirmed that the clubs in legal strike position – Saskatchewan, B.C., Winnipeg, Montreal – were prepared to engage in job action as soon as Sunday with the remainder set to join them when they were legally able to do so.

But as news of the job action leaked on social media, the talks seemed to take another turn.

The league also issued a statement that seemed to confirm the deal was in place.

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