CFLPA sends detailed memo to players on new CBA terms

The CFL Players’ Association sent a memo out to its members detailing the major terms of the new collective bargaining agreement.

The document outlines the gains the union has achieved in the deal it reached with CFL negotiators. It includes revenue sharing, increased medical coverage, moderate salary cap increases and contains other new information:

• Details of the revenue sharing agreement which includes 20 per cent of “global broadcast revenue” and 20 per cent of increased revenue from the TSN deal “via ratings escalators.” That money will be applied to the salary cap the following season.
• The ability for veteran American players with three years of service with their existing club or four years of CFL experience to substitute for injured national players.
• Increased access to the league’s financial information including television contracts and financial statements from individual teams.
• Increased representation on the league’s health and safety committee and rules committee.
• Changes to training camp to reduce physical strain on players.
• The ability of players to sign their own shoe contract.
• Players can sign with another club if they are released after the trade deadline.
• The right to get a second opinion on concussions.

The CFLPA is going through the ratification vote process.

Here’s is full memo:

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.