Riders punter Jon Ryan likes his Pilsners

Jon Ryan is a man of the (Pilsner) people.

“Maybe in Saskatchewan it’s my love of Pilsner,” Ryan said in regards to why people in the prairie province like him so much. “I’ll be out this afternoon if you see me…”

After which Ryan smiled, serving as an invitation to enjoy Pilsners with the newest member of the green and white.

Ryan has inked a one-year deal worth approximately $100,000 including incentives which makes the 37-year-old the highest paid punter in the Canadian Football League.

“I was talking to Ray Elgaard the other day and he said, “it’s not about the money” and I said “no it’s not about the money.” He said “then why do’t you sign?” And I said, “well it’s a little bit about the money then,” Ryan said.

“It’s not a one and done situation,” Ryan said.

“A lot of people just think I’m coming back here to end my career, and I would like to end my career with the Riders some day – I’m not here for a year, I’m here for hopefully many years and many Grey Cups.”

And many Pilsners.

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