Plot twist: Chad Rempel is league’s oldest player after all

Earlier today, we ran a piece identifying the CFL’s oldest active players following the retirement of Ricky Ray.

That player was Montreal return specialist Stefan Logan, born June 2, 1981. Or… so we thought.

Winnipeg long snapper Chad Rempel reached out via twitter to correct us. Rempel’s birth date was listed incorrectly on the league’s website as May 23, 1982 until recently. His real birth date is May 23, 1981.

Credit where credit’s due — Rempel, who will turn 38 in under two weeks, is the CFL’s oldest player. Logan misses out of that title by just 11 days. Sorry, Stefan.

Rempel signed a two-year contract extension with the Bombers in January, so here’s hoping we’ll see the veteran special teamer playing well into his forties.

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