Riders GM Jeremy O’Day taking approach similar to the Raiders keeping scouts in the dark

Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Jeremy O’Day doesn’t even want the Riders own scouting staff to know what his personal draft rankings are and which way he might go when the team is on the clock Thursday night.

Saskatchewan has six picks overall in the draft: first round, sixth overall, second round, 15th overall, fourth round, 35th overall, fifth round, 44th overall, sixth round, 53rd overall, and eighth round, 71st overall.

The Riders have being going through various iterations of mock drafts and O’Day hasn’t made a pick for the franchise.

“What I like to do is I don’t ever take our team, so I don’t ever pick for our team, I usually let the staff pick for our team. Part of that is I don’t want the staff to know what I’m thinking as far as our picks,” O’Day said.

“But I also, more so than that, I actually want the staff – I want to know what they think, I want to know why they think that, why they would pick a guy at that spot, the reasoning for it so I can get a perspective and also go back and make me look at my thought process.”

O’Day isn’t quite taking the Oakland Raiders approach. Raiders general manager Mike Mayock sent all of his scouts home fearing leaks. Mayock didn’t know who to trust and wanted to clear the draft room out. The scouting staff will be in the building for the CFL draft, but won’t know who O’Day wants to go after until the Riders are on the clock.

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