Former AAF players now free to sign in the CFL

Players who suited up in the Alliance of American Football are now free to sign with CFL teams the league confirmed on Wednesday.

The AAF folded on April 2 but found itself mired in bankruptcy and legal proceedings and the CFL issued a statement on April 12 saying that players from the defunct league could not be signed by Canadian clubs. But according to PostMedia’s Tim Baines – who first reported the news – teams were informed the following day that they could, in fact, sign AAF players.

There are a number of former CFL players who suited up for the AAF, including defensive back Ciante Evans, defensive lineman Dylan Wynn, receiver Terrell Sinkfield and… some guy named John Manziel. There are also a number of players who were on various negotiation lists across the league.

Of course, whether veteran CFL players want to return to the league without the possibility of collecting a signing bonus and with a contentious labour negotiation underway…

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