Undoing the Thanos snap: players each team would love to have back

Ever wish you could go back in time and fix a big mistake you made?

The Avengers do.

With everyone set to settle in and see one of the biggest movies of all time — Avengers: Endgame — we are all hoping to see our heroes reverse the ending of the last Avengers film, Infinity War and bring back some of our fallen heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy (except Star-Lord because, well, he’s an idiot).

Don’t you think CFL GMs wish they could also reverse the snap of free agency and get back a player they lost? I know fans of all nine teams wish certain players could return to their former clubs. So I have picked one player for each team that I think everyone associated with the organization wishes they could have back.

B.C.: Micah Awe
The Lions brought in a lot of players, but they also lost a lot, too. There were plenty of players who could have gone here, but I picked Awe because he is the total package. He looked poised to be the next great B.C. Lions linebacker, but now he will ply his trade with the Argos.

Edmonton: Mike Reilly
This should not need an explanation. You lose arguably the best QB in the game and while they did a good job replacing him, no one else is Mike Reilly.

Calgary: Micah Johnson
Initially I wasn’t going to allow Calgary to take anyone back. They are the Thanos of the CFL and don’t really deserve (or need) to bring one of their talented players back. But in the end it was tough not to feel for them losing an über-talented stud like Micah Johnson. So in the interest of being nice, I’ll let him return. But, seriously, the Stamps are the main villain every other team has been building a lineup to beat… and I am sure they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saskatchewan: Willie Jefferson
I was tempted to cheat a little and make this Chris Jones, but I think people in Riderville aren’t all that displeased that Jones is gone. They are, however, not happy that Willie Jefferson is no longer in the green and white, and even worse that he is now playing for their mortal enemy. Imagine if Captain America ditched the Avengers and became a Hydra agent (oh wait…). That’s what it will feel like for Riders fans seeing Jefferson play for Winnipeg.

Winnipeg: Taylor Loffler
The Bombers had a few candidates for their do-over, but none more than Loffler. You just don’t ever want to see a three-time league all-star walk out the door.

Toronto: Duron Carter
The Argos didn’t lose a ton of guys, but the best player they lost was definitely Carter. While Carter never meshed in Toronto with Marc Trestman, I do think he could have done well in T.O. with Trestman gone and Corey Chamblin replacing him.

Hamilton: Don Unamba
The bloodletting in Hamilton wasn’t as severe as in other spots, but the toughest player loss was easily Don Unamba. The Ticats searched for years to find an adequate replacement for Erik Harris at SAM, and they finally found that last year in Unamba. Losing him was the biggest blow the Ticats have suffered in the off-season.

Ottawa: Trevor Harris
I’m sure if you asked 10 Redblacks fans who they most wanted back you’d probably get a lot of different answers. But when you lose your starting QB, and one who finally put the “shrinks in big games” nonsense to bed after his tremendous performance in the Eastern Final last year, it is the one you want to reverse the most. Also, and this may be cheating a bit, but if Harris stays it is more likely that Greg Ellingson does as well (and maybe even SirVincent Rogers, too.)

Montreal: Johnny Manziel
I know everyone is sick of people of talking about Johnny Manziel. But I didn’t even have to pick this one; Kavis Reed did it for me. In his own words, he would not have cut Johnny Manziel if the CFL didn’t make him do it. So if there is one player the Als wished they could go back in time and keep we already know it is Johnny Football.

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