Duron Carter drops rap album NO Names under alias DC NoName

Duron Carter has released his first rap album.

The B.C. Lions receiver is known as @DC_CHILLIN_8 on Twitter and he’s using “DC NoName” as his rap alias. Carter dropped a single in February called Miami Vice – Carter was born in Fort Lauderdale and makes his off-season home in Florida.

The best track is “Mike Reilly” which is all CFL related, according to Carter Reilly and his wife Emily have been playing and really like the song.

Sample of the lyrics:

Touchdown in BC
Got em screaming DC
When I win the Grey Cup
Blow it on a Breitling

When the league hear this
Blowing out the speakers
Make the fans do a dance
Jumping out the bleachers

Got the heart of a lion
Heart of a lion
The heart of a lion
Heart of a lion
Got the heart of a lion
Heart of a lion
The heart of a lion

Going legendary
Hit ya stadium and leave it like a cemetery
Step in the lions den
You better not be vegetary

I’m a monster
Hair long like rasta
Hanging with shottas
Bob Marley problems


I been blowing up
Now I’m with Mike Reilly
All he gotta do is throw it up

Get ya burned
Burned twice
That’s By Burnham
Gunning like a turret
RIP to your DC
The defense getting murdered

Now I live in BC
Can get weed permit

Running through the league
You call me Ambrosie

Shout to TSN
Got My promos looking perfect

Carter hopped on the 3DownNation podcast to discuss his inspiration behind all the songs on the album.

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