Get wrecked: Johnny Manziel just called Davis Sanchez a ‘bitch’ on Twitter

So earlier today, Johnny Manziel – OK fine, “John” – posted to Instagram on Friday afternoon talking about his Heisman trophy win and about how he was still determined to get back to the NFL.

Here’s the post:


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When you come from where I came from this moment and my time in college football was all I ever aspired to be as a kid. It was my dream, it was my life to make it to that stage and by the grace of god and some amazing teammates and coaches it was accomplished. For everyone asking me what the next move is and all the crazy assumptions out there, I’ll be the one to set it straight. I have one single goal right now and that is to get back to the NFL. Until that call comes or the opportunity presents itself I will be working every single day to be prepared. I plan on spending time with my family in Texas and getting back around the University I love with all of my heart. Thank you for all the support over the years it truly means the world #Thanks&GigEm

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We here at 3Down have done a few Manziel posts in our time. Perhaps more than a few. Perhaps too many to count. Perhaps too many.

But given that his CFL career seems well and truly over, we’re trying to wean ourselves from the click-machine that is Johnny Manziel. So we decided to pass on doing yet another Johnny post.

But Davis Sanchez couldn’t resist weighing in.

The former CFL player turned commentator fired off a Tweet that encapsulated the healthy skepticism we all feel about Johnny’s NFL prospects.

Now, Johnny’s done a lot of crazy stuff over the years but going back at the haters on Twitter isn’t one of them. Even when Michael Rapaport said some truly nasty things about Manziel, John acted all mature.

But not this time! Instead, Manziel let Sanchez have it with both barrels.

BITCH! Johnny called Davis Sanchez a bitch! And salty! And corrected his inability to accurately reflect Johnny’s branding hashtag. It’s tasty, tasty beef between… between a retired player and guy whose CFL’s career is well and truly over.

So maybe not that tasty. But he called him “bitch!”


A Twitter follower sends along these pics from Manziel’s first day of Ticat training camp when the CFL sent Sanchez to do an exclusive interview…

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