Chris Jones reppin’ the Riders in Cleveland

Chris Jones is gone from the prairies but he hasn’t forgotten Saskatchewan.

Jones is still reppin’ the Riders in Cleveland. During recent meetings at the Browns facility Jones had a thermos with a Saskatchewan Roughriders logo on it.

There are people in Riderville who wanted nothing more to do with Jones once he left for Cleveland, but, clearly, the province and Riders organization left a memorable impression on the former head coach and general manager.

The Riders improved their win total each year under Jones going from five wins to 10 and 12 in 2018. Jones has led the Riders to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons after the franchise failed to make the post-season since 2014. Saskatchewan’s team got all the effort Jones could give and that’s what any fanbase can ask for from the man in charge.

Jones left the prairies for career advancement purposes, nothing else. And it seems you can’t take the prairie out of Jones no matter where he goes after his time with the Riders.

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