NFL reporter: CFL has ‘no downfield passing – it’s boring’

Respected NFL and New England Patriots reporter Ben Volin had a sizzling hot take about the CFL from one game he’s attended: There’s no downfield passing. It’s boring.

Volin wrote in a piece about the Alliance of American Football failing. The CFL backers quickly set out to correct Mr. Volin.

Let’s see what the data shows. The NFL had two 5,000-yard passers in 2018 versus the CFL’s four. Mike Reilly (9.0) and Jeremiah Masoli (9.1) both averaged nine yards or better per pass attempt. Meanwhile Patrick Mahomes (8.8) and Ben Roesthlisberger (7.6) each fell under nine.

Reilly led the CFL with 5,562 yards in 2018 due in large part to pushing the ball down the field, completing a league-high 55 passes for 20 or more yards, 19 of them for touchdowns including a 101-yard strike.

Reilly’s former teammate Travis Lulay asked for an impromptu Details from Derek Taylor.

And sure enough Taylor came through.

Canadians are a polite bunch and would likely give Mr. Volin a chance to come watch another CFL game and reassess his stance on the style of football played in Canada.

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