Ontario to legalize tailgating, which is probably a good thing for the Argos

The Ontario government is moving to legalize tailgating, something that could help the Argonauts in their neverending struggle for relevancy in the Toronto market.

David Tarrant, the executive director of strategic communications for Ontario Premier Doug Ford Tweeted the news on Monday.

The story in The Sun says that the upcoming budget will include changes that will allow permit holders to host tailgate parties within proximity of stadium and arenas with fans bringing their own beer.

That seems like a good development for football fans, where tailgating is part of the culture. But the Toronto Argonauts already tried tailgating their first season at BMO Field – with the team selling the beer at a reasonable price – and it did not have an appreciable impact on the team’s dismal attendance figures.

Teams will also have the option of selling beer at these tailgate events so Leaf and Raptor fans can likely look forward to drinking $11 Coors Light tall boys in the plaza outside the Scotiabank Centre during the upcoming NHL and NBA playoffs.

Still, if the Argos allow BYOB tailgating outside BMO Field, that can only be a good thing. And in Hamilton, it means finally legalizing what’s been going on for decades.

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