CFLPA struggling to get financial information from the CFL

Part of the collective bargaining agreement requires the CFL to share financial reports from each team with the players’ union annually.

But according to CFLPA senior advisor Ken Georgetti, monetary details have been hard to come by.

“We find it a struggle to get financial information from the league as per the collective agreement,” Georgetti said.

Those sentiments were echoed by executive director Brian Ramsay.

“It’s not something that necessarily comes easily,” Ramsay added.

The current CBA expires on May 18, ending a five-year agreement that was ratified on June 13, 2014 – nearly a month after the original deadline.

“We’ve only got about a month and 10 days to get this thing done. As long as the CFL is cooperative we can wrap this thing up very quickly,” Georgetti said.

“We’ve sat down and are appreciating the challenges they have and if they show the same respect coming back we can wrap this thing up very quickly.”

Meanwhile, the union was asked about the status of the Montreal Alouettes, who are reportedly for sale.

“We understand from our sources there are groups that are interested in the purchase of the Montreal Alouettes and the league is actively involved with Montreal at this time. We’re not sure who will ultimately end up owning the Alouettes but clearly it’s on the block,” Georgetti said.

The Canadian Press’ Dan Ralph reported last weekend that the league could assume ownership of the Alouettes while it looks to find a new buyer for the troubled franchise.

“Moving forward the expectation is that whoever is running it still adhering to the collective agreement, from a players standpoint it wouldn’t matter who was running the team, the expectation of that leadership would be that they adhere to the collective agreement as it’s stated,” Ramsay said.

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