Riders stop Raiders NFL pre-season game in Regina: report

Photo courtesy: Joel Gasson

The possible NFL exhibition game in Regina won’t happen according to CJME/CKOM radio host John Gormley.

“There will be no Raiders-Packers game in Saskatchewan, I get from very good sources, but there may be in either Winnipeg or Edmonton because a certain green and white football team club here didn’t want anything to do with it. And I guess because the Riders own Mosaic Stadium…oh they don’t. Oh right,” Gormley said on the self-named John Gormley Show.

The city of Regina and soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders were in discussions about the possibility of playing an NFL exhibition contest at Mosaic Stadium in Regina this August. The NFL approved the Raiders relocation to Vegas in March 2017, but the Las Vegas Stadium isn’t scheduled to be completed until 2020.

“I will give you details on how the proposed pre-season game at Mosaic Stadium between the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders is not going to happen and how much of the force of stopping the game was done by the Saskatchewan Roughriders,” Gormley said.

“Two different sources confirm to me the game which was to have been in Week 3 of the NFL pre-season in mid-August will not happen here, and in part the Riders didn’t want any of it and they prevailed. And then after somebody told the CFL board of governors, Winnipeg and Edmonton both stepped up, the Eskimos and the Blue Bombers want the Raiders-Packers game. Negotiations are continuing but there will be no NFL pre-season in Saskatchewan.”

The Raiders lease agreement with the city of Oakland for the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum expired after the 2018 season. An agreement for 2019 has been reached between the Raiders and Coliseum officials.

“The teams were in, I had that confirmed. I also had from some of the business people involved the financial guarantees were significant. There was a lot of work going on to make sure in the third week of the NFL pre-season, which would be August right during a Rider bye week, that the teams were ready to come to Mosaic Stadium,” Gormley said.

“It’s not going to happen now and apparently either Edmonton or Winnipeg will likely get the game and are both working hard to have that happen. In large part the Saskatchewan Roughriders prevailed and they did not want an NFL pre-season game.”