Regina Rams RB Kyle Borsa suspended for doping violation

University of Regina Rams running back Kyle Borsa has been suspended 16 months for a doping violation.

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport collected a sample during out-of-competition doping control on October 16, 2018, which revealed the presence of higenamine, a prohibited beta-2 agonist. Borsa receives a one-year and four month sanction for an anti-doping rule violation.

Higenamine is classified as a “specified substance” on the CCES prohibited list. It is commonly found in dietary supplements but was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2017.

Under the rules of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, an athlete facing a first violation involving a “specified substance” will be given a proposed sanction based on the CCES’s assessment of the athlete’s degree of fault.

In response to the CCES’s finding, Borsa admitted the violation and a hearing was held to determine the sanction length. Arbitrator Jeffrey J. Palamar imposed a sanction of 16 months, ending Feb. 15, 2020. During the sanction period, Borsa, who resides in Regina, is ineligible to participate in any capacity, including training with teammates.

Borsa emerged as a star last season with 96 rushes for 693 yards and six touchdowns adding 16 catches for 227 yards and one touchdown.

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