Oh God, now Duron is asking fans to literally kiss his ass

After getting into some tasty Twitter beef with former CFLer Ricky Foley over the role of Canadians in the league, B.C. Lions receiver Duron Carter kept going. He spent pretty much the whole day trolling, chirping and arguing with “fans” on all manner of things, culminating in… well, culminating in this:

Steve – who is, it goes without saying, in Regina – had to check with his wife first.

Needless to say, this picked up some steam on social media leading to this very good Tweet from one of the Piffles Podcast guys….

And it didn’t take long for someone – it was Steve! – to try and get our attention, keen to make sure the terms of this deal were broadcast far and wide…

Beneath us? Surely you jest. As long we stay on the right side of Duron’s arse and Steve’s potentially puckered lips, we’ll likely be fine.

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