Alouettes need new, local ownership: Danny Maciocia

Danny Maciocia believes it’s time for the Montreal Alouettes to have new, local ownership.

“The Wetenhall family has done a lot for football in Quebec, but it’s time for local interests to regain control of the team,” Maciocia told CBC Radio-Canada in Montreal. “It’s time to bring pride back.”

Maciocia is currently the head coach for the University of Montreal Carabins. He started his CFL coaching career in Montreal spending five seasons with the Alouettes from 1996-2001. That final year Maciocia was the offensive coordinator while Eric Lapointe played his first season for Montreal. Lapointe has shown interest in forming a group to buy the Alouettes in the past.

“He is very successful in finance and has a large network of contacts in the business world,” Maciocia said. “I am convinced that he is an ideal candidate to lead the team if he is interested and if it is feasible with the league. ”

The 51-year-old Maciocia turned down an offer from the Montreal Alouettes to become the team’s president in December 2016. Maciocia described the hiring process and what went into his decision to ultimately stay at the University of Montreal for the 2017 season in a Q&A with 3DownNation.

“If I make the jump with the Alouettes, I want to be part of the football operations and it’s been two years since it interests me. If the right group is in place with a similar vision to mine, I will always be listening. I am a builder in the soul and the role of general manager would interest me,” Maciocia said.

“Before everyone wanted to play here, but today the free agent players do not even want to listen to the offers. You need better leadership in all areas of the team. Montreal is not a less beautiful city than 10 years ago, it’s the team that has changed for the worse. ”

Maciocia won a Grey Cup as Edmonton’s head coach in 2005 and spent three seasons as the Eskimos general manager.

“The Alouettes have to stop making short-term decisions, as we have seen all too often recently,” Maciocia said.

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