With one typo, NBC creates the Legend of Justin Funk

NBC Sports did a little story on the possibility that the Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders will play an exhibition game at Mosaic Stadium this summer, essentially following up Justin Dunk’s report from a couple of days ago. They linked to his post, which is always nice.

There was one small factual error, however, and it was a damn funny one.

Justin Funk!!! Get down with the funk! The Justin Funk. We got the Funk, can’t stop that Funk.

Anyone who listens to the 3Down podcast or read my explanation as to why our readers should support 3Down knows that I enjoy making fun of Justin Dunk, a.k.a Justin Bunk. While we’re here, let’s just remind everyone how he got that nickname.

Anyway, the Justin Funk typo would have been hilarious enough – and as someone who makes and publishes a boatload of typos, I’m not crapping on the author in any way – but then Rider fan Taylor Currie took it to another, fantastic level. Take a look at this piece of artistic magnificence:

Everything about this is perfect. Dunk rarely has a hair or thread out of place and wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit under any circumstances. And I can almost guarantee he doesn’t get the Saturday Night Fever reference because he pays so little attention to modern popular culture, never mind riffs off the 1970s. The man hasn’t seen Star Wars for Christ’s sake.

We’ve been talking about creating another round of 3Down merch (there were limited edition t-shirts and one trucker hat in the inaugural run) and if we do, the Justin Funk t-shirt will be the signature piece. We can give all the money to Taylor or donate it to his favourite charity. Hell, we can mail it to Chris Jones in Cleveland if he wants. But John Travolta as my witness, we need to make this happen.


Drew Edwards is the founder of 3DownNation but has since wandered off. Beard in the photo not exactly as shown.