Ambrosie disappointed Manziel let CFL opportunity slip through fingers

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie has stepped in a directed the Montreal Alouettes to release quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“I was informed that Johnny had failed one of the conditions that we had set for him to be in our league. We informed the Montreal Alouettes of that breach of that condition. I can’t comment on those conditions. We didn’t announce those connections when we brought him in and we won’t talk about them now,” Ambrosie told TSN.

“The best thing I can offer is that we created an opportunity for Johnny to be in our league, we went into that with the greatest of intentions, it’s disappointing that it didn’t work the way we had hoped.”

Ambrosie informed all of its member clubs that the league will not register a contract for Manziel should any franchise attempt to sign him. But Ambrosie isn’t completely closing the door on Manziel returning to Canada.

“I’ve learned in life never say never, there’s things that can happen that might change things. For today, we’ve made the right decision. If the circumstances change who knows and we might see that player come back in the league, but I think for today we did the right thing,” Ambrosie said.

“It’s disappointing when one of the things that we know about the game is it can change your life in a positive way in so many different ways and it is disappointing when somebody let’s that opportunity slip through their fingers.”

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