Lions head coach DeVone Claybrooks attempts to skate for the first time

The B.C. Lions are fighting for relevancy in the crowded Vancouver sports market, doing whatever they can to generate some buzz around the team.

Even if it means scaring the crap out of new head coach Devone Claybrooks and then turning a former elite professional athlete – he played in the NFL and CFL after all – into an unstable, wobbly wanna be ice skater.

Claybrooks put his fear of heights aside to go up “local tourist attraction” Grouse Mountain in a gondola with the local CTV station – he gets low-level mocked by a group of school kids during the ride – then attempts to ice skate for what is clearly his first time ever.

Canadian Olympic figure skating gold medalist Patrick Chan shows up, apropos of pretty much nothing, to give Claybrooks some tips.

The whole thing is amusing enough – the difference in their lunch orders is pretty funny – and Claybrooks deserves a ton of credit for being a good sport about the whole thing. Generating free media coverage in the dead of winter for essentially a summer sport can do nothing but help the Lions.

Hopefully, Claybrooks will be more stable on the sidelines than he is on skates.

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