Players pull out of CFL events until a new CBA is reached

With labour negotiations on the horizon, the CFLPA has asked its members not to participate “in any events or activities with the CFL office” until a new deal with the league is reached.

CFLPA executive director Brian Ramsay said the move, announced Monday, is being made over “concerns related to respect and fair treatment this off-season.

“The CFL is withholding signing bonuses for players until a new collective agreement can be reached, yet the players continue to be asked to accommodate CFL-initiated activities during the off-season that support League partners and drive revenue.”

Former commissioner Jeffrey Orridge issued a directive in early 2017 stating that players would not receive roster or signing bonuses this off-season until a new agreement was reached. His successor, Randy Ambrosie, has kept the directive in place.

In a letter sent to players on Monday, Ramsay said a recent poll of the membership indicated that players wanted to stop making appearances on behalf of the CFL

The request does not include local team events, however.

“Players who are asked by their team to participate in local community-driven or local charitable events are encouraged to do so while wearing CFLPA gear rather than team gear,” Ramsay wrote.

The league has already been forced to cancel the popular CFL Week event because of the impending labour negotiations.

Meanwhile, Ramsay says the players will be hosting their own fan events in the near future.

“We plan to host CFLPA events during collective bargaining negotiations to show the same support and respect for our communities that they continue to show CFL players – even as we negotiate for fair treatment and respect from the CFL,” he said.

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