One of the things you probably don’t know about Justin Dunk, 3DownNation’s master of scoops: he has a tendency to sleep in public. A lot.

So much so that it has become someting of a running joke: procuring yourself a “Justin Bunk” selfie is like a little badge of honour. For example…

Here’s one with Saskatchewan radio dude Jamie Nye.

And another with former 3Down contributor and friend of the site Ian Busby.

John Hodge, another 3Down contributor, actually has a collection of shots on his phone just like this one.

And yes, I’ve got a few as well…

As funny as these shots are, sometimes I worry that Dunk isn’t getting enough sleep. The man seems to be working 24/7, landing scoops and breaking stories while also helping run the site itself. He has a side hustle at CHCH TV in Hamilton on weekends. What little spare time he has he spends at the CrossFit gym or working on his hair – sleeping doesn’t appear to be high on his priority list.

Other times, I find myself thinking: I wonder what he’s dreaming about? Protein bars? Hair care products? The spectacular opportunity in front of us at 3Down?

About that. We’ve recently made the decision to go independent, breaking away from the corporate overlords at Torstar that helped fund the site through its infancy. It’s an exciting time, to be sure, but also one with plenty of possibilities.

That’s where you come in, dear readers.

While we started a loosely affiliated cadre of CFL bloggers from around the country, the site had grown into something altogether different: a leading source of breaking news, features and analysis as well as podcasts and some video.

The media landscape has changed as well. While newspapers are still a primary source of information on the CFL, the economic challenges facing the industry has drastically reduced the volume of coverage, a trend I fear will continue. The CFL and the teams have stepped up to fill that void to some degree, but there are certain stories – important stories – they’re never going to do. And while TSN does a consistently excellent job as the league’s broadcast partner, the CFL sometimes finds itself knocked down their priority list, especially by the NHL.

At 3DownNation, all we do is the CFL and Canadian football and that’s all we’re ever going to do. Everybody who writes for us does so because they love the league and what it stands for – even if some days that can be a maddening and frustrating experience.

We want to do more. We want to expand our coverage, hire some staff, pay our contributors just a little bit more. And to do that, we need your help.

This site derives some revenue from advertising and we’ll soon be looking for more corporate partnerships. But in order to thrive – and likely survive – we need the readers of this site to step up.

So today we are launching a sponsorship campaign, asking the faithful readers of this site to support either through a one-time donation or recurring monthly support. We’re also adding the ability of our donors to help shape the content and direction of the site through a 3Down Insiders Facebook group.

And here’s our promise: every last dollar you donate will go directly to editorial content or the costs related to running the site. Every. Last. Dollar. We’re hoping to make a living, not a fortune.

The CFL has always been a fan-driven league and we’re hoping that the vibrancy of that fan base will help support us in some small way. We aren’t putting our content behind a paywall, we’re asking you – politely – help us. In return, we’ll provide as much CFL content as we can muster. Value for value.

That doesn’t bode well for Justin’s sleep schedule, of course. But that’s OK: those photos are too hilarious to pass up anyway.

While the content on this site is free – no paywalls here – 3DownNation needs support from its readers to survive. And we’re not talking elite quarterback money here, just enough to pay for the valuable news, insight and analysis we provide on a daily basis. Supporters will be eligible to join our 3Down Insiders Facebook group to help shape the content and direction of the site. Thanks for your support.


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Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards has covered the CFL for 10 seasons and is the founder and editor of 3DownNation. Beard in the photo not exactly as shown.