Bombers and Canadian OL Sukh Chungh appear to have very different price points

Discussions between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and pending free agent Canadian offensive lineman Sukh Chungh don’t sound like they are going particularly well.

“We’ve had good talks with Sukh and his agent for a long time, but he has representation and their job is to do what’s best for him. And we’ve gotta figure out if we can make it work,” Bombers general manager Kyle Walters said. “I know we’d like to have him back, I’m quite sure he’d like to be back, but sometimes in sport with a hard salary cap it doesn’t always work like that. So we’ll see,”

The Chungh camp has known for a while that Matthias Goossen was likely to retire and is likely using that as leverage in negotiations.

Chungh was a 2018 West all-star at guard while helping pave the way for the league’s most productive ground game (134.9 yards per game) and highest scoring offence (30.6 points per game).

“We’ve been talking non-stop. It’s just a matter of we have a price point and they have a price point and can we figure it out or not?” Walters said. “If they think they can get more on the open market, that’s why the system is the system.”

Chungh is hard-nosed, tough and plays the game with a noticeable physical edge. He was originally selected by Winnipeg second overall in the 2015 CFL draft. The 26-year-old has played in 69 games – missing just three – over four seasons with the Bombers.

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