CFLPA wants to begin CBA negotiations with CFL in March: report

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association wants to begin collective bargaining negotiations.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and the Canadian Football League were waiting for the CFLPA notice to bargain.

“Most people aren’t labour relations experts, but the way the process actually works is that the players will give us a notice to bargain. So the ball is in the players’ court. That’s just the way labour works,” Ambrosie said in late January.

The players have passed the ball to the owners. The current CBA expires on May 15, ending a five-year agreement that was ratified on June 13, 2014 – nearly a month after the original deadline.

The players say they want respect along with fair treatment from the league while Ambrosie wants to save the CFL’s side of the negotiations for the bargaining table.

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