The 3 guys that backed up Kevin Glenn in 2007 are all coaching and he’s still playing, 11 years later

There have been a couple of pieces recently pointing out that two of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber back up quarterbacks in the 2007 Grey Cup are now NFL head coaches.

This is a nifty bit of trivia to be sure but Kevin Glenn, who was the East MOP that year as the Bombers’ starter but broke his arm in the East Final, has an even better take.

This a tremendous example of Glenn’s sense of humour which has aged quite nicely, much like the quarterback himself. One of the reasons he’s still playing at 39 is that he’s a world-class dude who has embraced the role as the grizzled veteran, willing to share his knowledge and make his team better.

And frankly, it is kind of amazing that he’s still playing while Kingsbury, Taylor and Dinwiddie have long ago transitioned into coaching.

The least we could do is give him the headline he so richly deserves.

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