Simoni Lawrence flipped out on Justin Dunk for saying nice things about him

So one of the things that occasionally happens to good journalists is they make people mad. Most of the time it’s because they’ve reported stuff that some people didn’t want reported, written or said unflattering things (even if they’re true) or have an opinion that is unpopular (even if it’s a perfectly valid one.)

But Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker and soon-to-be free agent Simoni Lawrence is freaking out on Twitter because 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk said something nice about him.

Dunk was on TSN 1150 radio in Hamilton Wednesday afternoon and was asked about the Ticats linebacking situation – a valid question given that all three starters, including Lawrence, are pending free agents. The guy behind the @CFL_News twitter account – last seen breaking the Chris Jones-to-the-NFL story – transcribed part of Dunk’s response.

What Dunk appears to be saying is that the Ticats might not want to pay Lawrence what he’s worth on the open market… which is a compliment. That didn’t stop Lawrence from going on a wee bit of tirade.

Okay, so there’s quite a bit to unpack here. First, Dunk has made his name in the CFL media business by developing an excellent network of sources with whom he communicates regularly. So if Dunk has a take it’s likely backed by gathering information from legitimate people around the league.

Now, Lawrence not wanting to participate in that process is perfectly fine. There’s plenty of players that don’t. But Dunk’s diligence is a step that not every reporter and pundit around the league bothers to take before forming and expressing their opinions.

The fact that Lawrence states that the CFLPA doesn’t know what he makes is also interesting. Every CFL contract is registered with both the league and the CFLPA so players and agents can get a sense of the market value. If the CFLPA doesn’t know what Lawrence is making… well, that would be curious. Maybe we’ll get Dunk to look into it.

Also this…

Meanwhile, another Ticat was annoyed with Dunk earlier in the day.

I won’t go into his whole Twitter thread because it’s essentially the same argument on repeat: why did Dunk have to report the details of my contract?

Well, that information is readily available in every major professional sports league in North America – except the CFL. And in a salary cap league, what players are getting paid and how their contracts are structured is important to the success of a franchise.

And people want this information: if these posts didn’t do decent traffic for us, we wouldn’t bother to research, write and post them. But they do and so we do – that’s the business we’re in.

Banks also complains that Dunk doesn’t report the details of other players contracts, which is just laughable. He’s done many of these posts and will continue to do so.

And, as with Lawrence, the story about Banks was largely positive – it emphasized that he was now in upper-echelon of the receiver pay scale.

Players are entitled to their opinion and social media gives them an excellent platform to do so. But complaining about what is essentially positive coverage, especially when their complaints are full of falsehoods, is just plain goofy – even by Simoni’s standards.

There was one bit of truth to Lawrence’s rant: his people can buy 3Down if they want. Asking price is $21 million-kajillion. Maybe Speedy can chip in.

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