Riders’ Dickenson has ‘very strong relationship’ with Mike Reilly

Craig Dickenson’s predecessor Chris Jones had a plan to make a strong play for quarterback Mike Reilly.

And it seems as though Dickenson may want to do the same: Reilly and Dickenson were part of the Edmonton Eskimos team that won the Grey Cup in 2015.

“Mike Reilly, very good, he’s my kind of guy, I think there’s a lot of mutual respect there. His dad lives in Kalispell, Montana which is a hop, skip and a jump from where I spend my off-seasons,” Dickenson said on 980 CJME The Green Zone.

“I know the family well, Mike actually grew up in Montana and moved away I think his junior year in high school. So he’s got a lot of Montana roots in him and we have a very strong relationship.”

The Riders don’t have a bonafide No. 1 quarterback for the 2019 season but that didn’t discourage Dickenson from taking the Saskatchewan job.

“Just because so many teams are in the same boat, this is a unique year in that way,” Dickenson said.

Zach Collaros and Brandon Bridge – the two primary pivots for Saskatchewan last season – are both scheduled to hit the open market in February while David Watford, coming off his rookie CFL season, is the only quarterback on the roster and under contract for 2019.

While Bo Levi Mitchell seems focused on the NFL for now, Reilly and Ottawa’s Trevor Harris are established upper echelon quarterbacks who are pending free agents.

Jonathon Jennings could be a younger option while Ricky Ray, Kevin Glenn and Travis Lulay are veterans. Darian Durant is going to be available, but despite wanting a Riderville return, general manager Jeremy O’Day shut down that possibility. O’Day and Dickenson both know who lines up at quarterback is a big question to answer.

“There’s a lot of good ones out there. We’re in a similar situation to a lot of teams in the league right now. We need a good quarterback, we feel confident in some of the quarterbacks we have, we don’t want to discount that,” Dickenson said.

“We have good players in-house, there’s some good free agents out there and in the next few days we’ll start to narrow that list and try to get one. We need a good quarterback – all teams do. We’ll certainly work hard to get that done.”

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