Bombers would have discussion regarding Paul LaPolice interviewing with Riders

Winnipeg Blue Bombes offensive coordinator Paul LaPolice is rumoured to be a leading candidate for the Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach position.

LaPolice spent three seasons coaching in Regina, two as the Riders’ offensive coordinator (2008 and 2009). Jeremy O’Day, expected to be named Saskatchewan’s general manager, was an all-star calibre offensive lineman for the years LaPolice coached in the Queen City. But Bombers general manager Kyle Walters has not been asked by the Riders for permission to interview LaPolice, yet.

“That’s individual. That’s up to the club. Every club has the option to allow or not allow guys. The timing of it is interesting. It’s a little bit later for this to happen. Normally these types of coaching changes happen earlier, which allows teams to adjust. It’s a unique situation the league finds itself in now at this time; what’s the domino effect?” Walters wondered.

LaPolice has been credited for designing a quarterback-friendly offence that prioritizes ball control and balance between the air and ground attacks. He could be the perfect candidate to help spark Saskatchewan’s lethargic offence.

“Up to this point, anybody that’s been requested to interview we’ve allowed. But that was a little bit earlier in the process. We’ve haven’t had to have a discussion at this time of the year if a coach has been offered a position, what do we do?” Walters asked.

“It’s a different situation. There’s no use discussing it until that situation comes up. It’s a club choice how they want to handle these types of situations.”

LaPolice has directed the league’s highest-scoring offence the past two seasons, scoring league highs in points during 2017 (554) and 2018 (550). For a Riders team looking to boost their anemic offensive production, LaPolice makes a strong head coach candidate.

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