Some of the most entertaining social media reactions to Chris Jones’ departure

Reaction to the news that Saskatchewan Roughriders football uber-boss Chris Jones was decamping for the Cleveland Browns was surprisingly muted as fans in Riderville – and their frenemies – reacted to this unexpected development with their usual level of calm, reasoned restraint.

Just kidding!

Social media feeds were awash with a cornucopia of entertaining reactions from smarmy, trolling Twitter posts from opposing teams to witty one-liners from seasoned scribes to the uncontrolled fury that can only be mustered by an aggrieved sports fan. Jones’ reign in Saskatchewan was a series of controversial, holy shit moments that inspired no shortage of vitriolic and amusing reactions: no reason his departure should be any different.

Here are some of the best / most entertaining offerings.

From Reddit user omegatron20xx 

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