Tarp drapes turf – unlike at Grey Cup – ahead of NCAA title game

Watching ESPN NFL Countdown on Saturday afternoon ahead of the start of Wild Card weekend, one thing caught my eye and it had nothing to do with the NFL.

Like everything else on the American sports cable giant right now, the NCAA’s football national championship game is getting pushed like crazy. Since ESPN doesn’t have Super Bowl broadcast rights, Monday’s game is their biggest event of the year. So, anything you watch right now from ESPN is basically one big ad for the game.

As a CFL fan, the segment on Countdown was interesting for a reason that didn’t even get mentioned as it’s usually so second nature.

There was a tarp on the field at Levis Stadium as it’s been raining and kind of miserable in the Santa Clara, California area lately. Ahead of the biggest game of the year, having optimal playing conditions is always preferred and the stadium crew is clearly trying their best.

I seem to recall that a tarp could have helped another championship game that was played a couple of months ago – in Canada.  Oh well.

If you’re looking for some possible CFL content in Monday’s game, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is on Hamilton’s neg list.

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