CFLers most likely to have burner Twitter accounts

The subject of Twitter burner accounts is back in the news, after Torey Hunter, the B.C. Lions’ director of player personnel and player development, was suspended by the club for being caught using a burner account.

For the uninitiated, a burner account is a Twitter account that is used anonymously to troll, spy-on or otherwise make comment on things on Twitter without using your real identity.

Last spring, burner accounts were the topic du jour thanks to the hilarious story that then-Philadelphia 76ers general manager Brian Colangelo had ties to five different burner accounts (three were reportedly run by his wife) that heavily criticized his own team. Colangelo initially denied the report, but soon resigned from his position.

Stories of burner accounts are nothing new, especially in the sports world. Kevin Durant famously was outed as having a burner account a few years ago, as was noted hot-take artist Skip Bayless. Both were caught because they forgot to switch accounts when making comments that were not meant to be from them. Skip’s screw-up is incredibly funny.

So if Torey Hunter has a burner account, who else in the CFL might have one as well?

Now just so we are clear, this is all in fun. I am in no way saying any of these people have one. This is a joke and please take it as one.

So with that out of the way, here are some of the people around the league that I think would probably have one.

Every single GM

Colangelo got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, but don’t for a second think that every other GM isn’t smart enough to open up a fake Twitter account as well. Would it shock you to hear if Jim Popp had one? What about Eric Tillman? Ed Hervey? Chris Jones probably had one just so he could monitor what Duron Carter was saying when he was still with the Riders. So yeah, if your team has a GM, they have a burner account.

Speaking of Carter…

Not Duron Carter

He’s an obvious candidate, but something about his personality doesn’t scream “FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNT!” to me. Maybe because he seems to truly not care if people chirp him, but I feel like Carter would want people to know it was him making the comments. Now, he may have had one after he deactivated his account prior to joining the Argos last year, though. But now that he’s back on Twitter, no way does Carter have one.

Bo Levi Mitchell

Mitchell famously left Twitter to focus on his personal life and it is hard to fault him for that. But deep down you know he wants to still see what other fans say about him (namely Riders fans) and would probably have a great handle, like Pre-Practice Squader or something like that.

Jeremiah Masoli

Last summer everyone thought the Ticats starting quarterback had joined Twitter only to later find out that it wasn’t actually him. But what if it was? What if he had the ultimate burner account by using his own name and telling people, including his mother, that it wasn’t him? OK, yeah, he didn’t do that.

Shawn Lemon

Shawn Lemon is a CFL Twitter Hall of Famer, but I would not be shocked to find out he operates numerous burner accounts, one of which has definitely been blocked by Redblacks GM Marcel Desjardins.

Johnny Manziel

Manziel is a perfect candidate simply because he was a high-profile NFL player who had a somewhat troll-ish side. I could totally see him operating a fake account to talk himself up, too.

Henry Burris

I don’t think I have to explain myself on this one, do I?

Justin Dunk

I will never not be convinced that Dunk doesn’t run his own parody account.

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