Twas the night before Christmas around the CFL

I know the idea is played out, but if you will permit me…

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the league,

The players were prepping for bargain fatigue.

You see, the league was without a contract agreement,

The issues at hand prepared to be vehement.

The Commissioner was prepping some Mexican players,

To negotiations this would add more layers,

To a situation fans thought was already fragile,

Cheering all-new heroes who no doubt will be agile.

Would this affect the loved ratio?

As they’d count as nationals, if status quo.

And what of all the other issues at hand?

Surely they’d be debated across the land.

Until that happens, some players are wary,

Needing some time before they made merry.

Not wanting to sign their name pen to paper,

When the total cap number is little but vapour.

Desperate to find out their contract status,

Some impending free agents stood by the apparatus;

Of letting the union come to a deal,

That would see their families afford their next meal.

Would the stars get it, or would it be rookies,

With some extra cash now for which to buy cookies?

After money came safety, especially concussions,

Of which the league seems to want no discussion.

Liability a concern for all who are involved,

The science they say is still far from solved.

While waiting some players took NFL tryouts,

Which fans in Canada desired to know about.

Where will those players be plying their trade

When next they play football for which they get paid?

The Vikings, the Broncos, the Jags and the Bills

Look to Canada to solve quarterback ills.

Meanwhile some others are given fair shake,

Like Boateng attempting to make the earth Kwak(u).

Alex Singleton is also on tour,

Checking on teams that are linebacker poor.

No matter where the players end up,

The goal remains to take the Grey Cup.

Those south of the border chase something more fowl,

Desperate to compete for the Superb Owl.

Fans will still cheer for those who once wore their colours,

While checking their stats over coffee and crullers.

Games can be lost, and games can be won,

But only once the new CBA is done.

Don’t expect to hear much in the coming days.

For the holidays isn’t the time to make hay.

But once the new year begins and the calendar turns,

Hope that all parties will suddenly yearn,

To sit at a table and hammer things out,

To allow teams to sign, draft players and scout.

For those of us who follow the league with some passion,

Are content as both sides try to cash in,

On our love for the game and all of its glory,

Which seems a perfect place to end this story.

So from my family to yours, you know it’s coming all right,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

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