Bombers star Andrew Harris opens up in revealing documentary

No college football. No father. Two rushing titles. One Grey Cup and no one stopping him.

Andrew Harris opens up like never before in a new documentary produced by Sway and aired on TSN about his incredible rise to the top running back in the CFL.

“I’m definitely nervous about the whole documentary being out there. There’s definitely some sort of weird feeling inside. But I’m pretty proud of who I am and what I’ve come through and where I’m at today,” Harris told the Winnipeg Sun.

“I’m not an overly open person to begin with. But it’s for a bigger purpose.”

Harris was born and raised in Winnipeg, didn’t play university football and still has become the back-to-back CFL rushing champion.

“You go from living in Winnipeg to a trailer park in Steinbach,” Harris says at one point in the film. “And I’m the only black kid in the school. And I’m getting called a n—-. And they’re just tearing me down. The fact I went through fatherhood. The fact I didn’t go to a big school, or didn’t go to school at all. I grew up in a predominantly white neighbourhood and town,” Harris said.

“But it hasn’t all been negative. I’m being real about my story, but there’s definitely been a lot of positives, too. Humble beginnings. I’ve been in places and seen situations where I never want to be again. It keeps me working hard. It keeps me in check.”

If you missed it on TSN during Grey Cup week, check it out below.

‘I Shouldn’t Be Here: The Andrew Harris Story’ 

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