Dave Dickenson in Bo Levi Mitchell’s corner as the quarterback tests out the NFL

Calgary Stampeders head coach and former NFL and CFL quarterback Dave Dickenson is behind current franchise quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell taking an NFL shot.

“I think Bo’s going to get a look. And then he’s gotta decide is it more of a true tryout mode or is somebody here really serious about bringing me in to try to compete for what he would hope for if he went down and what I would hope for would be a backup job that could turn into a starter,” Dickenson said on Sportsnet radio in Calgary.

“It’s tough, there’s only so many years and if that’s what it is and he feels like he gets a legit chance and he wants to do it, I’m in his corner. It sucks for us as an organization and a team, but I would be in his corner on that because it’s just a different stage, it’s just a different life in the NFL versus the CFL. There’s a ton of advantages to playing in the CFL and living in Calgary and being part of this league, I think it’s some great things that the NFL can’t even offer.”

Dickenson played two seasons in the NFL 2001 and 2002 with the San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins.

“If he needs to do it he’s got to do it. Him and I will always be in good contact, we stay in touch the whole off-season so I feel like we won’t get blindsided. And if he’s in the CFL next year I fully expect it to be in the red and white,” Dickenson said.

Dickenson and Mitchell have a very close relationship which is why the Stamps tandem has been successful.

“We are stubborn. I like to tell him make sure you know I’m the older brother. I gotta believe and trust in him, I gotta listen, I have a certain standard, but I gotta remember the guy is putting all the time in. He’s the one out there pulling the trigger, he’s the one seeing the plays,” Dickenson said.

“The reasons we kinda butt heads is because we’re both into it 100 hundred per cent. There is nobody slacking off, we both wanted this big time and I think we’re a little bit similar. We’ve always been able to circle the wagons and get back to doing what we do which is winning. I’m so lucky to have him, he’s just had a great year, I’m proud of him.”

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