Hooray! Duron Carter is back on Twitter

One of the many things former Toronto Argonauts head coach Marc Trestman had to answer for – in addition to a dismal 4-14 season and trying to ruin James Franklin – was forcing receiver Duron Carter off Twitter.

Well, Duron’s back, baby. And not a moment too soon.

Carter returned to the social media staple on Thursday at his old address @DC_CHILLIN_8, using his old tag line: “Shameless Expert Level Troll.” All his 22,000 followers are there, as are the old Tweets.

Carter deactivated his Twitter account this summer, shortly before signing with the Toronto Argonauts. Given Trestman’s well-known disapproval of social media activity – or any other sign of a personality – the general consensus was that Carter had hopped off Twitter as a way to convince Toronto to give him a shot after his release from Saskatchewan.

It worked – sort of. Carter did indeed sign with Toronto but wasn’t able to produce at nearly the same level: he registered just 10 catches for 119 yards and a touchdown with Toronto – a significant drop off from a guy that has two 1,000 yard seasons on his resume (and two more over 900.)

In other words, it’s entirely possible that Duron Carter needs Twitter as much as Twitter needs him.

We don’t have time to recount all the Twitter gold Carter has produced over the years, like the time he put a Redblacks fan on blast or got it into with T.J. Heath or slammed Derek Taylor for wack ass stats or wished everyone a happy holiday on 4/20. There are so many more.

For his first Tweet back, Carter linked to a Facebook post which contains a video of him and a friend going around to fast food drive-thru windows handing out $50 bills which seems like a very Duron thing to do. His description of football unemployment is pretty solid, too…

His page needs some updating – it still features images of him as a Saskatchewan Roughrider – but that hardly matters. Welcome back, Duron. We missed you.

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