Referees warn Redblacks LB Kyries Hebert about high hits in Grey Cup

Over the years, Kyries Hebert has saved some of his most vicious shots for Calgary.

One of Hebert’s suspensions this season was for a hit on Stampeders’ receiver DaVaris Daniels in week three. Hebert was later handed a two-game punishment – his second suspension of the season – after hitting Montreal Alouettes receiver B.J. Cunningham in the “side of his head in a reckless manner,” according to the league. And in 2014, while playing with Montreal, he was ejected for leveling Stamps’ star running back Jon Cornish with a brutal flying clothesline.

The shot hit Cornish under the jaw and drove the running back’s head into the turf. He was left with a serious concussion and there is still bad blood between the two. After the hit on Daniels, Cornish took to Twitter and called on the Redblacks to cut Hebert for his dirty play.

“I’ve never looked at Calgary and been like: ‘that’s a team I hate. Like I hate Hamilton. I really hate ’em like a bad taste in my mouth, but I never really felt that way about Calgary,” Hebert said Friday.

“Except for Cornish — I don’t like him.”

Despite his Angry Bird nickname, Hebert doesn’t see himself as an angry player.

“I think that the word angry … it’s kind of misplaced,” Hebert said. “I think it is more intense than angry. I’m not really mad but I am 100 per cent. I don’t want my intensity level to ever be matched.”

Hebert is often referred to as the CFL’s dirtiest player and the warning is just another example as to why.

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