Grey Cup picks: who authors the next chapter of their legacy?

While the CFL may still need to decide their champion, the 3Down picks title has already been decided.

Drew Edwards defeated last year’s victor Justin Dunk in a hard-fought battle that featured podcast trash talking and… well, that’s about it. It’s the CFL: picking games isn’t that hard.

Still, the Stamps are the popular choice today. Of course, they were last year too and we know how that turned out.

Grey Cup
Ottawa Redblacks vs Calgary Stampeders 6 p.m. EST

Edwards: I’ve already wrapped up the 3Down game pick title so I don’t really care what happens in the game – my mom says I’m already a winner. I don’t particularly like either of these teams: the Stamps are essentially the Yankees at this point the Redblacks employ Kyries Hebert so… yeah. In any event, as a jaded, cynical purveyor of click bait and fake news, I don’t cheer for teams. I do, on occasion,  root for people and I would be happy to see former Ticat Bakari Grant get a ring. That said, Calgary as the CFL version of the Buffalo Bills is fine with me, too. But they are good. STAMPS

Hodge: I find this Grey Cup match-up beyond bland. These teams have been in the big game a combined seven times over the past five seasons (including one head-to-head match-up in 2016). Seven times! I’m all for dynasties, but it’s time for some new blood — I can only pretend to be interested for so long in whether or not the Stampeders, barely four years removed from a championship, can “finally win the big one.” So here’s my pick — delivered with a big pinch of salt. And then onto 2019. STAMPS

Dunk: Bo Levi Mitchell knows his legacy is on the line: the Stampeders franchise QB has discussed wanting to be the best ever and leave an indelible mark on the CFL game. But Losing three straight Grey Cups would put a black mark on Mitchell’s resume. Throughout Grey Cup week, Mitchell’s been laser-focused and locked in. And the last time the two-time CFL MOP had Eric Rogers in the lineup for a Grey Cup game Calgary hoisted the big silver trophy. STAMPS

Gasson: Drew said we were allowed to go longer on these picks. Really, this comes down to whether Ottawa can figure out Calgary’s defence. I’m not sure if they can. I’m out of things to say. So, screw Flanders, screw Flanders, screw Flanders, screw Flanders, screw Flanders, screw Flanders. STAMPS

Filoso: Since 1952, teams that had committed fewer turnovers in the Grey Cup are 61-5. In the last eight Grey Cups, the team that finished the game with more rushing yards went 7-1. That bodes well for Ottawa since nobody was better than Trevor Harris at protecting the ball down the stretch. As for the ground game, Noel Thorpe will sell out to stop the run and Powell is rested and ready to show the country why he’s the most dangerous dual-threat in the league. Don’t @ me Bomber fans. REDBLACKS

Smith: This feels like a different Stampeders team than the last two years. Calgary actually faced adversity late in the regular season for the first time in forever, so they now know what it feels like to have to claw back. Eric Rogers is a playoff beast and he wasn’t there the last two years, which makes a huge difference. Finally, this feels like the end of an era in Calgary, as this could be the CFL swan song for both Bo Levi Mitchell and Alex Singleton. They go out on top and end this era of Stampeder football with the championship they should have won the last two years. STAMPS


2018 Records
Edwards: 57-28
Hodge: 54-31
Dunk: 53-32
Gasson: 52-33
Filoso: 50-35
Smith: 49-36

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