After first career carry, Stampeders guard Brad Erdos demands bigger role in offence (not really)

The offensive line doesn’t often get a lot of individual positive attention in the CFL. The old adage is that if no one knows your name, that means you didn’t screw up.

But one particular big boy up front was pretty excited to see his name hit the stat sheet after the West Final last weekend though: Calgary Stampeders guard Brad Erdos.

“Erdos went back and checked the stat sheet and was like “Minus 10!”” Derek Dennis told me on the Horsemen Radio podcast last week, raising his arms in the air in a celebratory manner.

Of course, that was in reference to a play that saw the Stampeders guard get handed the ball from Bo Levi Mitchell who was trying to avoid being sacked deep in Stampeders territory on a series that eventually went for a safety.

“If Erdos doesn’t catch that man, Winnipeg scores a touchdown, so it was an important play he made.” Dennis continued, coming to the defence of his offensive line mate.

Asked about his now -10 yards per carry average, Erdos suggested he would be happy for his career to end without getting any nearer to positive yardage.

“Don’t ever want to rush to have to get 10 yards to make it even,” he said

The 28-year-old guard has been a solid contributor to the Stampeders offensive live which yet again allowed the fewest sacks in the CFL this year. The unit’s overall health was a big factor in that according to Erdos.

“It’s easy to communicate. Everyone’s on the same page and it makes a big difference,” he said.

Erdos is also quick to credit his teammates for some of his success.

“When you are playing against the best every day, when it gets to game time you are more prepared for it. Playing against Micah (Johnson), Junior (Turner), and (Derek Wiggan) our ends there, it makes a big difference for sure.,” he said.


Like any ball carrier, Erdos now believes he should be getting rock more – and there some precedent. A former Stampeder tackle, Dan Federkeil, was occasionally and effectively, used in the passing offence and Erdos thinks that may be his spot to shine.

“I think I could outdo Dan, but I don’t know if I will. We’ll see,” he said.

Erdos will have his hands full with an Ottawa defensive line that offers a lot of misdirection according to Stamps players this week. If Erdos and company can keep Bo Levi Mitchell clean, they stand an excellent chance at winning Erdos’ first championship as a roster player in Calgary.




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