A Riders fan guide to Grey Cup 106

After a promising season, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are once again watching the Grey Cup like everyone else.

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that, like me, you’re not overly excited by this matchup. That’s no offence to either team as they are definitely worthy of playing for the Grey Cup as the best team in their respective divisions this season. But, we’ve seen this matchup before, and after the West Final, Dave Dickenson was right, many people aren’t cheering for Calgary because they’ve been here so much. Ottawa? Unless you’re 3DownNation’s Josh Smith it’s still hard to feel anything one way or the other yet.

So, now what? Why should anyone even bother watching this Grey Cup? Well, there’s still some good reasons. Here’s a few.

Going for the hattrick

The old anyone but Calgary crew will be out in full effect on Sunday hoping for a Redblacks win. A Calgary loss would complete a rare feat in sports, losing in the championship three seasons in a row. While it does feel like Calgary should get over the hump this time, you just never know. It would be something.

End of an era?

Talking to people here in Edmonton, it’s starting to feel like there’s a chance this could be Calgary’s last go with this group. Players like Bo Levi Mitchell and Alex Singleton could be NFL bound in the offseason. The Stampeders have always had the next man up. Without Bo? That might be harder to do. That doesn’t mean Calgary won’t be good again next year but it could be a very different team. Love them or hate them, this group has been something to watch and Sunday might be their last go.

Sask connection

The Riders aren’t in the game but there’s still some Saskatchewan connections. Three former Huskies are playing in the game in Julan Lynch, Charlie Power for Calgary and Evan Johnson in Ottawa. Johnson is also from Regina.

Redblacks special teams coordinator Bob Dyce previously held that title with the Riders, among other jobs during his tenure with the team and is really easy to cheer for. Dyce is a CFL lifer, well respected by everyone in the league, one hell of a man, and just so happens to be really good at his job too.

Calgary’s running backs coach is also former Regina Rams quarterback Marc Mueller.

Random reasons

There’s always gambling, whether through official channels or just between fans, a little bet, even just for fun, can certainly add spice to any game.

On the 3Down Podcast, both Drew and Justin picked Calgary, so you could cheer for Ottawa to tell them how wrong they were.

Jon Gott might slam another beer if the Redblacks win.

It’s the last CFL game before a long, cold winter. So, enjoy it.

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