Ticats head coach June Jones responds to speculation surrounding Orlondo Steinauer

Current Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach Junes Jones addressed persisting rumours about that assistant head coach Orlondo Steinauer.

“Orlondo and I have had a conversation about his situation. Any time a guy has an opportunity, I’m happy for them. Anybody that wants to leave, I’m happy for them too to help them get to where they want to go, that’s just the way I’ve always been,” Jones said.

The B.C. Lions and Toronto Argos are looking for a new head coach.

“Everybody wants to come back, everybody believes we can make the changes internally from what we’re doing offensively and defensively and tweaking it and getting better that way as coaches just like the players have to do the same in their given areas of expertise,” Jones said.

“I feel comfortable where we’re at.”

Jones, who took over the reins as Ticats head coach in August 2017, guided Hamilton to an 8-10-0 record and a playoff spot in his first full season at the helm.

“I’ll be reflecting on that we didn’t get to where we wanted to go, most definitely,” Jones said.

“I learned that this game took me a little bit, just like the (third and one) decision (on Sunday) – I was way more aggressive down there (in the States) in those situations. Everybody had coached me up that it’s so vital – field position and all this stuff – you know what? Screw the field position, go score a touchdown. That’s how I’ve always played the game and I feel that I didn’t do that this year in a couple situations and so that’ll live with me a little bit, but I won’t make those mistakes again.”

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