CFL fines Stamps head coach Dickenson for expletive Canadian Mafia comment

Dave Dickenson said a bad word on TV in reference to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the CFL has taken disciplinary action.

TSN camera’s picked up Dickenson saying expletive Canadians which was later explained by the Calgary bench boss as being in reference to a nickname for the Bombers brass led by Canadians Mike O’Shea, Kyle Walters and Wade Miller.

O’Shea said he is a proud expletive Canadian.

Dickenson apologized for the comment and said it had noting to do with Canadians in general.

“Lesson learned, I apologize to anyone,” Dickenson said Monday in Calgary. “I texted Mike afterwards. It had nothing to do with him personally, by the way, I just felt the calls were coming out on their sideline as some calls come out on my sideline.”

-with CP files

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