Wooooooooo! Ticats get Ric Flair but every CFL team deserves a pro wrester

In case you haven’t heard, the 16-time world heavyweight champion, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair is coming to Hamilton for the East Semi-Final between the Ticats and B.C. Lions.

The Ticats released a video featuring Flair in a custom No. 16 jersey with FLAIR on the back and he cut one of his typical Ric Flair promos.


I don’t really know what the connection between the Ticats and Flair is; he’s friends with Angelo Mosca (or at least was, so much so that Mosca was the first in the ring to congratulate Flair when he won the NWA world title from Harley Race at Starrcade ’83) and maybe there is some connection with Jerry Glanville or June Jones. Glanville and Jones both coached the Atlanta Falcons while Flair was wrestling for Atlanta-based World Championship Wrestling.

In any event, the Ticats have a new celebrity fan — joining the likes of Dallas Maverick DeAndre Jordan, Tom Hanks and Martin Short — and it’s maybe the greatest of all time. But who would be the pro wrestler to throw on their own custom CFL jersey to support the eight other franchises.

Well, that’s what I’m here for.

The Lions smell what the Rock is cooking

You could put the most electrifying man in all of entertainment with the Stampeders because that’s where his CFL journey began and ended, but The Rock’s connection to the league was through Wally Buono, so the Lions get The Great One.

Edmonton becomes the Roman Empire

The most recent Universal Champion, who had to vacate the title due to the worst possible reason, a reemergence of leukemia, played one season in Edmonton before his pro wrestling journey began. Roman Reigns is not the most beloved WWE Superstar, but even fans who don’t call themselves fans of his still very much respect him. Sounds very Edmonton to me.

The best there is, was and ever will be (except in Grey Cups)

Who else would this be, honestly, but Bret Hart? Do I even have to explain myself?

Saskatchewan becomes home to Suplex City

The longest-reigning WWE champion since 1971 calls Maryfield, Saskatchewan home and even represented Canada at his last UFC fight. Brock Lesnar is liked by some and hated by many, but no one is on the fence about the the Beast Incarnate. Seems pretty apt for the Riders.

The Rum Hut is where one becomes a Jerichoholic

Winnipeg’s greatest son may also be the reason for the team’s lack of championships. Chris Jericho’s career began on October 2 1990, less than two months before the Bombers won their most recent Grey Cup. Coincidence? Maybe the Jericho Curse extends beyond the man himself and to the city he once called home.

You can’t see the Argos

The other guy who has 16 world titles to his credit is also one of the most polarizing WWE Superstars of all time. While everyone seemingly likes and respects Ric Flair, most people only begrudgingly accept that John Cena is one of the all-time greats (and he is). Even Ticats fans sometimes think the Argos aren’t all that bad and they know that the Argos are an important part of the league’s history.

And no, just because Owen Hart wore an Argos jersey once doesn’t mean you get him. That was a heel move to get heat with a Hamilton crowd. He was just playing a character and it didn’t reflect his real feelings… right? RIGHT!?

Ottawa has come through hellfire and brimstone

The colour scheme would be enough, but then you add the politics to it — Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, just became mayor of Knox County, Tennessee; Ottawa is, well, if you don’t know why Ottawa and politics go together I can’t help you — make this a match made in heaven (hell would be more apt because of Kane’s character, but I really don’t need that type of heat from fans that already don’t like me).

The Als like to the play The Game

Back in the 2000s the two most unstoppable forces were Triple H and the Montreal Alouettes. The Cerebral Assassin won 12 of his 14 world championships after the dawn of the current millennium. The Als, as we all know, dominated the 00s, going to eight Grey Cups in 11 years, winning three of them. People got sick of Triple H much like fans got sick of the Als, especially if you were a fan of another Eastern team. Their respective reigns of terror are over, but are most definitely not forgotten.

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