CFL warns teams after reports of tampering

After a couple of recent reports of front office funny business, the league office has warned franchises there will be consequences for tampering.

Arash Madani of SportsNet reported that the Eskimos were asking around about possible replacements for head coach Jason Maas while Justin Dunk says the Alouettes are making inquiries in case they decide to part ways with general manager Kavis Reed. And with Marc Trestman getting the boot in Toronto, speculation is about to heat up regarding the Argos head coaching job.

The league revamped its tampering policy in 2016 under former commissioner Jeffrey Orridge after a couple of high-profile defections, including Noel Thorpe from Montreal – later reversed by the CFL – and Chris Jones’ move from Edmonton to Saskatchewan.

That said, the CFL hasn’t levied a single fine or removed a first-round pick from any team since the new policies were announced so there’s likely absolutely nothing ill toward going on, anywhere, ever.


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