3Down Power Rankings: Making the case for Calgary

So the 3DownNation Power Rankings are constructed by mashing together the individual rankings of seven of our contributors into one cohesive list. While there is often consensus – everybody has Toronto ranked No. 9, for example – there are differences of opinion now and then.

Like this week, for instance.

The Calgary Stampeders have been sliding down the rankings for the last several weeks and finish the regular season at No. 3 – despite leading the CFL in wins and taking the West Division title. That doesn’t sit well with Ryan Ballantine, who made his case for Calgary in our group chat and sparked an interesting debate… and some jokes.

Ryan Ballantine: So far, little respect for the 13-5 best record West Division Champs…
Joel Gasson: I have a hard time changing anything in a week where everyone else had nothing to play for including the team Calgary walloped.
Santino Filoso: I think we can all agree that the only team that continued to dominate, posting yet another undefeated season, was the Schooners.
Ryan Ballantine: Just find it curious that the team that has been first in the standings all season fell off the power rankings radar after they clinched a playoff spot, then seem to be getting no credit for beating a team because they had nothing to play for.
Santino Filoso: Still haven’t won a game against a team full of starters in a month. And to me, power rankings are all about recent play, not the overall body of work.
Ryan Ballantine: Not their fault that Wally pulled his starters down 25 at the half. Also, Calgary hasn’t played a game that mattered for a month until this past week.
Santino Filoso: True, but since power rankings are about recent play, I don’t see how you can put them at the top.
Joel Gasson: I think ultimately there are four teams right now if you told me they won the Grey Cup, I’d be like, ‘yeah that makes sense.’
Ryan Ballantine: This being the CFL, there are only three teams that I’d be surprised if they won. Lol.
John Hodge: I love you Ballantine, but listening to a Stamps guy complain about them not getting enough credit is like listening to Dunk complain about his body fat percentage.
Josh Smith: The respect I have for the Stamps is why they are as high as fourth. Their record over the last month is tied for the worst in the league with Hamilton (who has dealt with the same injuries as the Stamps have, btw) and Toronto. Montreal has won more games than Calgary the last four weeks. If the Stamps weren’t the Stamps they’d be a lot further down.
Santino Filoso: I think you can make a strong case for everyone except B.C.
Ryan Ballantine: So you get a break for taking your foot off the gas after clinching unless you are Calgary. Calgary clinched four weeks ago, then slid. Did the same last year too.
Josh Smith: Could have sworn Calgary clinched on Saturday, not four weeks ago.
Ryan Ballantine: A playoff spot, not the division. They knew they needed one win out of four tries to get the division. When the chips were down, they dominated.
Josh Smith: Let’s extend beyond four weeks then. Calgary was 4-3 over their last seven. B.C. was also 4-3, Ottawa was 5-2, Winnipeg was 5-2, Saskatchewan was 5-2, Hamilton was 2-5, Toronto 1-6, Montreal 2-5 and Edmonton 3-4. So Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan all better than Calgary over the last two months, but fourth is too low? You’re really barking up the wrong tree, dude.
Ryan Ballantine: When wins were absolutely required in those seven, Calgary went 4-0. The three losses all came after clinching a playoff spot. Anything can happen on any day, but if you think Calgary is an underdog against any team right now, you are crazy. Which is the very definition of a power ranking. Which team is the most powerful?

Personally, I agree with Dunk… he does have too much body fat.

Here’s the rankings.

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Previous ranking: 1)

The Bombers hold the top spot in the power rankings but will have to win on the road in Saskatchewan and Calgary to get to the Grey Cup. That’s nasty.

2. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Previous ranking: 2)

The Riders will host their first-ever post-season game in new Mosaic. Can their defence and special teams bring it when it matters most?

3. Calgary Stampeders (Previous ranking: 4)

The Stampeders jump a spot after, you know, actually winning a game.

4. Ottawa Redblacks (Previous ranking: 3)

The Redblacks fall a spot after, you know, actually winning a game. Wait, what? The Stamps return to some semblance of form the likely culprit.

5. B.C. Lions (Previous ranking: 5)

The Lions sent Wally off with a whimper in his B.C. Place finale. Can they make some noise in the playoffs?

6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Previous ranking: 6)

Ticats hosting a home playoff date with an 8-10 record has the West folks upset about the unfairness of it all. Again.

7. Edmonton Eskimos (Previous ranking: 7)

Say what you will about their late-season collapse but the Esks played hard for Jason Maas in a game that meant nothing.

8. Montreal Alouettes (Previous ranking: 9)

After two wins to end the regular reason, there’s (false) hope in Montreal.

9. Toronto Argonauts (Previous ranking: 8)

Marc Trestman got fired in a really crappy way.

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