CFLPA investigating agent who used blackface in Halloween costume

The CFL Players’ Association has opened “disciplinary procedures” against Edmonton-based agent Jason Staroszik over a social media post that depicted the agent in blackface.

In an email sent to players around the league on Wednesday, the CFLPA says it recently became aware of the post and the image which “causes concern.” As a result, CFLPA president Jeff Keeping is establishing a three-person disciplinary committee to investigate.

Staroszik posted a photo of himself in blackface and wearing and an orange jumpsuit to his Instagram story, which was then posted to Twitter by Mandy Grewal last week.

Staroszik, who made headlines earlier this season by representing Terrell Owens during an attempted CFL comeback, says the photo is from five years ago and defended his use of blackface in a statement to CBC.

“The costume was intended to push the limits of what is socially acceptable but still be in good fun, without harming or offending anyone,” the statement reads.

“The costume was well received throughout the night, with no controversial or negative accusations. There was no issues surrounding the costume the night it was worn or in the five years that have past.”

The image caught the attention of Eskimos defensive back Jamill Smith, who called out Staroszik for using blackface while making a very salient point on the difference between racism and ignorance.

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