Manziel says report of being ‘hated’ by Alouettes teammates is ‘BS’

Johnny Manziel believes the report by TVA Sports that he’s ‘hated’ in the Montreal Alouettes locker room is false.

“I come in today and a couple guys come up to me and shake my hand and look me in the eye, and they’re like ‘just so you know, we don’t hate you’. It’s hard for me because my wife is – I don’t read many articles because I know what it’s like inside the building – and my wife is bringing it to me and she’s kind of like ‘what are you doing at work? Are you messing around or what are you doing?’ And I don’t think people really understand that I come to work every day, I put a lot of time into this, this report and this bullshit that it affects my life and it affects how people perceive me,” Manziel said.

“I come in here to work every day, I treat my guys in the locker room with respect, there’s not one person in that locker room that I don’t call a friend. So ask the guys, if you really get a chance to ask around ask the guys and see what they have to say. I have great friends on this team that I care about and will have lifelong friendships with. So whoever is out there spreading the negative things like that they’re absolutely wrong and you can ask around this locker room and find out about it, I guarantee you that.”

Since the Als acquired Manziel in a late July blockbuster trade with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the 25-year-old has gone 0-6 as a starting quarterback as Montreal sits at 3-13, last place in the entire league. Manziel didn’t feel there was a reason for him to address his teammates.

“No need to we’re friends in there, I have good friends on this team. If there’s people that dislike me it’s nobody that’s come up and said it to me directly and it would be weird because I talk to almost every guy on the team throughout the week. The guys next to my locker or on my block in the locker room I got good relationships with the guys around,” Manziel said.

“It’s unfortunate that people can put something out there that says it’s a report and it carries weight. I love my teammates, I love being here in Montreal, hopefully they feel the same way about me and if they don’t I’m always here to try and work things out man-to-man.”

Manziel is signed through the 2019 season and plans to ‘come back for another year‘ with Montreal.

“It just hurts to see things that I don’t believe are true, I care about this team, I care about the guys that we have in the locker room. The times that I’ve been in the locker room in the past whether it’s [Texas] A&M or Cleveland, I’ve loved the guys that are there, I still talk to them on a weekly basis, guys like Josh Gordon, guys like Mike Evans, guys like Jake Matthews, these are my friends for life,” Manziel said.

“So it is a little bit tough but nothing changes with being here and the situation that it is I care about these guys as my teammates and as my brothers. It’s easy to pile on when we’re 3-13 and we’re not winning, but I’ll sit here and take whatever comes my way with a smile on my face and go in the locker and know I’m going to go to war with them on the weekends.”

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